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Welcome to Professional Restorations. 


We are a hands-on specialty contractor providing the most reliable services including exterior building repairs, parkade repairs, waterproofing and traffic deck membranes. 


Since its inception in 1994, Professional Restorations main objective has been to provide timely, quality service to our customers for projects running from small routine maintenance to large capital restorations. We complete each project effectively, efficiently and correctly, large or small, through teamwork, integrity, knowledge and skill. 


We will continue our success by improving the value of our service through our commitment, responsibility and accountability to the people we serve, our customers.

We provide building Restoration and Repair Services in Vancouver




  • Complete Exterior Building Repairs 

  • Balcony Repair 

  • Balcony Railing Replacement 

  • Waterproofing 

  • Exterior Coating & Painting

  • Caulking & Sealants 

  • Traffic Deck Membranes 

  • Underground Parkade Repairs 

  • Power Washing & Cleaning

  • Epoxy & Grout Injection

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Commercial Building Power Washing in Vancouver BC

Traffic Deck Membranes 

Parkade restoration in Vancouver BC
Seen here is the top deck of a multi-level parkade. Exposure to elements, high traffic pressures and an originally flawed coating application have negated protective attributes. Picking up contaminants along the way, water is drawing down into the parkade below. Repair missteps by the owner have contributed to a now disastrous deck condition.
Parkade restoration in Vancouver
An unsightly, unserviceable mess.
Building restoration services Vancouver
Old caulking is removed and edges prepared for new sealant.
Building restoration services
Failing expansion joints are pulled out and gaps are readied for replacement.
Balcony Restoration in Vancouver BC
Thanks to careful substrate preparation, new coating adheres flawlessly and new surface receives parking line and number painting to complete the job.
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Building Inspections

Concrete repair Vancouver BC

Professional Restorations completes concrete assessments of multi-story buildings via bosun chair or swing stage. •Buildings are inspected and concrete surfaces are sounded for integrity. •Problem areas are identified, marked and recorded.

Concrete repair services in Canada

Damage Assessment •Building inspection results and testing results are reviewed to determine the scope of the problem. •A detailed report of findings and recommendations is submitted.

Parkade restoration in Canada

Repair Strategies and Specifications Packages •Repair strategies are developed based on the requirements of the structure. •Repair materials that will meet or exceed the demands of the structures are selected and specified. •Comprehensive repair specifications are prepared.



Stucco Repair

Concrete repair Vancouver BC

Here we see the emergent failure of a face-sealed wall system where, several storeys up, stucco cladding has separated from the backup wall. Now a failing bond is progressing at an exponential rate across the wall panel, creating a massive breach of the building envelope and leaving the structure at the mercy of environmental forces; wind, rain and airborne abrasives – a complete breakdown of weatherability and a danger to anyone within a very wide radius below as chunks may be blown off.

Waterproofing contractors in Vancouver

After careful inspection and planning, the debonded concrete material is safely removed and the entire wall is tested for continuing serviceability

Waterproofing contractors in Canada

1. Repair process begins with the cleaning and preparation of backup wall. 2. Two coats of high-grade stucco are bonded to the backup wall and integrated with the existing healthy stucco. 3. Applied are two coats of elastomeric paint. Adhering fast to the stucco beneath, the technologically advanced paint enhances the wall's protective and aesthetic attributes – guarding against failures and ensuring a long and attractive service life.

Waterproofing contractors in Vancouver BC

There was damage here? The old wound is undetectable. The building looks as new.

Exterior Building Repair

Exterior painting contractors

Beirut 1975? Sarajevo 1995? Try Vancouver, circa '00'. Nelson Street. But this giant tower was under attack alright: from wind, rain, chloride, acid, UV rays – you name it. AAA Restorations repairs it.

Exterior building painting in Vancouver BC

While we're up here: The old monolith receives a complete exterior pressure washing. It hasn't felt this good in years.

Exterior building painting in Canada

Spalling, crumbling concrete; exposed, rusted re-bar: Over 200 balconies required AAA Restorations' structural concrete rehabilitation program – employing repair matrix, Sika ® 123.

Exterior building repair services in Vancouver

Poor initial construction conspired with natural forces to create this disaster. The damage seen here is typical of that all around the structure.

Exterior building repair services in Canada

Commercial building power washing in Vancouver BC

Commercial building power washing in Canada

Crumbling concrete removed; re-bar cleaned, deoxidized; Sika® 123 applied and finished to perfection. All balconies repaired and raised to industry standard. War is over.



1703 Broughton Street

Balcony Restoration in Vancouver, Canada

Balcony Restoration in Vancouver, Canada

Exterior building repair contractors in Vancouver

Exterior building repair contractors in Vancouver

Exterior building repair contractors in Canada

Exterior building repair contractors in Canada

Exterior painting contractors in Vancouver

Exterior painting contractors in Vancouver





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